The Trailer For "Snoop And Martha's Very Tasty Halloween" Is Finally Here

    We're so ready for this Halloween party.

    In case you missed it, Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart are reuniting for a very special, tasty reason.

    It's their Halloween special, Snoop & Martha's Very Tasty Halloween. The trailer just dropped, and it's as spooky and hilarious as you would expect. Check it out:

    View this video on YouTube / Tasty

    If you haven't signed up for Peacock yet, now's probably the time to do it.

    And you might recognize another familiar character in the trailer — it's Alvin Zhou, from BuzzFeed's Tasty.

    In the special, three teams of award-winning bakers and confectioners will compete to create enormous, immersive worlds filled with edible Halloween treats.

    And they'll be competing to impress none other than Snoop, Martha, and Alvin.

    The edible creations the teams are making look out-of-this-world delicious.

    And the whole thing is promising to be one big, wild Halloween party.

    So mark your calendars and get ready to party with Snoop, Martha, and Alvin. Snoop & Martha's Very Tasty Halloween streams Oct. 21 only on Peacock.