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    Phoebe Tonkin Said That A Dog Helped Her Through Her Breakup

    "You're doing the walk for your dog, but ultimately, you're doing it for yourself."

    Phoebe Tonkin really loves dogs.

    Phoebe Tonkin standing against leafy backdrop
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    I know, I know, who doesn't love dogs? But stick with me, because there's more.

    The actor, Chanel ambassador, model, and filmmaker talked about how much she loves dogs on the first episode of a new podcast: Who's A Good Dog?, hosted by her old friend, author and journalist Kate Leaver.

    An illustration of Kate Leaver holding a dog
    Courtesy of Kate Leaver

    Kate is the author of the book Good Dog and has also written for BuzzFeed about dogs and mental health. She cohosts the podcast with her own dog, Bertie.

    In the podcast, Phoebe opens up about feeling lonely and being an introvert, and how having a dog in the house can provide a sense of purpose.

    Phoebe at Westworld season 3 premiere
    Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic for HBO / Getty Images

    She said that when she was feeling down after she broke up with a boyfriend, her friend let her babysit their dog, Otis, for a few days to help her through the slump.

    "Especially when you're in those moments where you're finding it a little hard to get out of bed that morning," Phoebe says. "It forces you to do something physical, and that is obviously so beneficial for you."

    And this is science, by the way. Dogs have been proven to alleviate feelings of loneliness and help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

    goldendoodle resting on a sofa looking at camera
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    There's a reason we love them so much.

    As for Phoebe, she loves dogs so much that her first word was "Dari" — an attempt at saying her beloved childhood golden retriever's name, Kari.

    Throughout the podcast, she also speaks lovingly about her dog, Lola — a tiny Yorkie who lives in Australia with Phoebe's family — and who barely leaves her arms whenever she visits home.

    They also sleep together when Phoebe visits. Lola is the little spoon, of course.

    Oh, and one last thing — Phoebe has spoken for all of us in saying that she really thinks there needs to be a new dog movie.

    You can listen to the entire episode here, where Phoebe answers some specific questions about Lola, talks about her love for animals in general, and shares that she recently rescued a spider from drowning in the bath.

    And honestly, you should listen to the podcast for the theme song alone.

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