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When A Man Harassed A Transgender

When you come across homophobics, a part of you wishes to have never met them. I have not mentioned the real names of the people concerned for purpose of confidentiality.

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When there is nothing better to do, and as a handy mode of passing my time, I end up scrolling through the endless number of posts on Facebook. A fun way to engage yourself in something that lets you escape the harsh realities of life. But, lo and behold! It slipped my mind that realities are indeed an integral part of the virtual world as well, isn't it?

I was, as usual, scrolling through my newsfeed only to stumble across a post that caught me at the drop of a hat. It was a video taken by someone that was being shared by a friend of mine, and the caption was disturbing. In an ordinary world, I am known for my patience, but, that day, I had given up on it to find out what was the hoopla all about. I clicked on the video; the first 5 seconds were as bleak as the future of India, but when the camera rolled on, I was appalled. What followed next blew my top, and I felt a tingle of guilt to be a part of the society where thrives some vile and repulsive people.

One so-called "journalist" by profession, Mr. Nath, from a local media house in the city of Guwahati, verbally abused a transgender, who was getting a wine for herself from a local wine shop. The person concerned has forgotten his ethics of journalism and resorted to sexual harassment and bullying, while shooting the entire scene away to glory. He called her out in a very inhuman manner, and one that resembled a hooligan. He shouted at her, and demanded, in a boorish tone, to know where she was from and what her name was. She was apprehensive of his demeanour, and wanted to skirt away the cameras and his entire cohort, but he stuck to her like a magnet. Knowing what her name was, and where she lived, Mr. Nath, apparently, decided to probe the issue further, and scratched it by accusing her of being a male in guise of a female to earn money.

She denied his accusations, and when things seemed to be getting worse, Mr. Nath asked her to prove it by commanding like a wild boar to remove her blouse and saree. Her expressions changed--from a nonchalant face to a terrified one. Pulling the thread of repulsiveness further, he threatened her to call the cops if she didn't confess the truth. Constant denials from her side made him more virulent, and he seemed to be taking pure pleasure out of it. When she said it was "Allah" who made her what she was, Mr. Journalist found a way to scratch the wound, and asked her questions immaterial on her religion, and why did she think "Allah" would make her so. The unfortunate video ended at that.

Mr. Nath, taking complete pride in what he did, uploaded the video, and asking people to "feel free to share" it. He thought he had won a massive battle against the trans community. Little did he know that, apart from a handful of birds made of homophobic feathers who were full of plaudits, his post garnered hatred galore, and it went rife on social media with people castigating his profession and questioning his ethics.

I was disgusted at what he did. The trans-gendered woman here was treated like a dirt, and it bothers me to witness such an attitude from people time and again towards the LGBT community. A journalist, or any person for that matter, has got absolutely no right to FORCE a human being into confessing something that he/she is not. Mr. Nath is a disgrace to his profession, and the society. His questions, that were brusque and boorish, left no trace of doubt as what he wanted from one innocuous woman. The job of a journalist is to lift the mass up from oblivion and into an awareness zone, where people are enlightened. What he did was against his profession, and intruding into the private space of a trans person, who meant no harm to him, is downright pathetic. Is it a trend to broadcast anything under the umbrella of "NEWS" just so it sells in public?!

I condemn his act, and Mr. Nath should make a public apology for his obnoxious act where he not only bullied her, but also sexually harassed her. No one is supposed to question the gender of a person, or their sex. One can be what one desires to be, and anyone having trouble with them should lock themselves up in a cupboard and be quarantined.

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