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    Here's What It's Like To DJ At A Yacht Festival

    It's pretty bougie.

    The Yacht Week is a week-long festival experience at sea. You sail and live on a yacht, explore idyllic destinations, and party with people from all over the world.

    Over the course of a week, you go to a bunch of themed day and evening parties, hosted at different locations throughout your chosen destination. They feature DJs from around the world, spanning a variety of music genres.

    We asked DJ ADRY, who played at The Yacht Week in Croatia this summer, what it's like to DJ at a week-long floating festival.

    Adry's first gig was DJing his own birthday party in Cairo, Egypt, where he grew up. The night sold out, and he hasn't stopped performing since.

    Adry's tracks are influenced by his Egyptian upbringing, often adding in Arabic melodies that the crowd goes wild for.

    As a Muslim, Adry doesn't drink. But he thinks performing sober is crucial, regardless. "As a DJ, you need to be fully focused and sharp throughout your set."

    As a DJ, Adry explains, you have the power to make the night a good or a bad one: music plays a huge part in setting the tone of an evening. “You make one mistake and the party is over.” DJing is about paying attention, reading the room, and knowing how to get the crowd to the level you want – then keep them there.

    The song he gets asked to play the most is, of course, Despacito. “I always say yes, but I never play it.”

    His advice to DJs starting out is to play what you're passionate about, rather than what you think you should play. Play what you want, and the right audience will come to you.

    The DJs at The Yacht Week stay on a crew boat, which usually throws a few unofficial parties throughout the week.

    Their boat obviously has the best speakers.

    Adry's favourite thing about The Yacht Week is that you get to meet and party with people from all over the world.

    One of the most unique things about playing at Yacht Week, he explains, is that you build up a connection with the crowd over the course of the festival. You don’t just perform and then go home – you stay with them for a week. And that connection is what keeps DJs like Adry coming back, year after year.

    To hear more from DJ ADRY, and to check him out in action, watch our interview with him below:

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