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10 Times Being A South-Asian Is The Worst

It's not all paint-throwing and amazing food.

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This person is essentially saying that A) you're only attractive compared to other Indians, so you're not as attractive as people of other ethnicities, and B) that Indians/South-Asians are inherently unattractive. Not cool.

7. Telling a barista your name so they can write it on your cup.

Or any time someone else needs to write down your name. I default to spelling out my name right after I say it but somehow people still get it wrong. Conversely, you have a small moment of joy when someone spells your name right without your help and then feel weird for the amount of love you feel for them at that moment.

10. General ignorance.

Like when someone asks me to speak "Indian" to them. Or when people assume I'm going to have an arranged marriage and be locked away in a kitchen forever. Or when my teacher asked me to make her a curry for extra credit.

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