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    • ayaf3

      Fellow human— the problem isn’t “a” Muslim villain. It is a country and culture and religion in its ENTIRETY being painted as “villainous”. We all saw Jafar from Alaadin— was anyone pissed about that? No. Why? Because Alaadin was Muslim and Arab and he was perfectly fine. Jafaar was evil because of personal defects such as greed and ambition, not because of his religion. This whole “Alice in Arabia” bull crap seems not to be showing you a villain who just happens to be Muslim— it is showing you a collection of villains who are villains BECAUSE they are Muslims. The religion is the true villain within this series, not the individuals themselves. The Arabs /Muslims NOT portrayed as villains within this series are, instead, portrayed as displeased with their identities and religions, or oppressed by them like hapless victims to this greater evil that is Islam. Can you see now why this show is so upsetting to us?

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