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Chords Of Truth Releases Double CD (Remix2LP)

South Carolina artist releases "Reflections of Reality" Remix2LP. Folk based songs, remixed by Electronica producers from around the world.

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Defined as folktronica, Chords of Truth latest CD is Jason Garriotte partnered with a variety of electronic producers. Chords of Truth employs simple lyrics to translate such truths as life purpose, priorities and the general appreciation of living. The album has simple ideas and one-dimensional lyrics, however Garriotte’s voice offers a richness expressed through gritty vibrato and a Devendra Banhart esque sound. The voice keeps us grounded and provides a cohesiveness to the album that would otherwise be lost due to the varying electronic producers on each track.

Oopoe Electronic Remix

Beginning as an acoustic LP, Garriotte pursued electronic producers from around the world to remix, revamp and interpret his songs. The result is a double disc compilation album incorporating dubstep, acid trance and folk music to 26 songs. It isn’t an easy feat to create a folk/electronica track, let alone 26 versions so it’s no wonder that not every track can be gold. Particularly disturbing is The Chameleon Acid Folk Remix of “What Life is About” where they loop baby cries thus creating a vibe less than thrilling.

Chameleon Acid Folk Remix

"What Life is About" is the last track on this preview.

However the reinterpretations of Garriotte’s songs is refreshing and the concept is certainly interesting. Listening to the same lyrics and melody as producers manipulate content and mood creates a fun dynamic for the audience, especially if you are an electronica fan. If you are first venturing into folk music or electronica music, steer clear. This album is extreme with a strong identifiable voice (you either love or hate) and varying electronica tastes.

Venumb Dubstep Remix

You can check out Chords of Truth on sound cloud or their homepage

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