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    • axe5

      I have assembled 3 Ikea Expedit chelves of 5x5 (185x185 cm) since 2004, they all are incredibly sturdy (self weight is 92.8 kilos) but loading each one of them with 8-13 kilos vinyl records per 33x33 hole I find I can look on top and even rest my foot on a shelf to peek up (I am only 180cm tall, but weighed over 110 kilos when I last stepped up to wipe dust off the top shelves, so had to step up using one of the shelves). People who accomplish what the photos above document, are simply doing it wrong. I have also assembled Billy and a few other pieces of furniture including wooden chairs for my kitchen, and never had a single problem. I have hifi worth thousands of dollars on my shelves and also on my Expedit shelves, yes: while they are filled with records: no problem. I have open reel decks of 25+ kilos each on other shelves: no problem. I have tube amplifiers on the shelves: no problem. I use some shelves without the back support: no problems. Do it right, and stop complaining. Maybe playing with Lego until I was 14 gave me an advantage over other people, but I am inclined to say no, I just keep following the directions and the project takes shape in no time. Never had a single accident. Just realise there are some things you are not good at and have a friend who is adept do it for you.

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