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What It Feels Like To Completely Lose Your Cool

Despite our best efforts, all of us lose our cool from time to time. Unexpected life events can bring on various heightened emotions - but so can being around super hot people. Thankfully, AXE Black Chill is here to help you keep your cool.

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1. Your eyes bulge when the scope of the situation becomes clear.


And you brain goes into high gear as you quickly try and think of a response.

2. Your mouth will feel like it's full of sand and cotton.


Your vocal abilities might completely disappear.

3. At this point, the panic level starts to increase.


Can the situation be salvaged?

4. You have a choice here. You can either play it cool and force a smile.


This might buy you some extra time to pull yourself together.

5. Or immediately show your disappointment.


Once you go down this path, you're often committed to losing your cool.

6. Now you're on the precipice. There's no turning back.


Your cool is almost completely lost.

7. Your motor skills are rendered useless.


Food and drinks go flying around the room.

8. Freakishness bubbles up from inside you.


You're totally losing your grip.

9. You pound inanimate objects and make strange beastly sounds.

10. You've reached the point of full demonic possession.


This is the climax.

11. You crest the hill at 100 miles per hour, still furiously vibrating, as you slowly apply the brakes.


It's gonna be okay. You lost your cool, but it's slowly coming back.

12. And then, just like that, it's over and you can take a deep breath and replay your foolish actions in your head.

Axe understands how hard it is to keep your cool, especially for the guys out there...