10 Guys Who Couldn’t Keep Their Cool Around Girls

No one said asking a girl out was easy. Sometimes it’s really, really hard to not freak out. Thankfully, AXE Black Chill is helping guys keep their cool.

1. It happens all the time. You get halfway through asking a girl out, lose your cool, and run away.

2. Or you get stuck between two cute girls and just start saying random words loudly.

JordanOlthuisFilms / Via youtube.com

3. Not being able to talk to girls can make you crazy. You get home every day wishing you could get a do-over.

wafflepwn / Via youtube.com

4. You stay up all night practicing your tactics, but then you can't stand up straight when it's time to deliver your lines.

5. And so it's back to your bedroom and back to the drawing board.

Marco Cianciola / Via youtube.com

6. Sometimes you say, to hell with pick up lines, and try and go straight in for a kiss. That goes even worse!

LAHWF / Via youtube.com

7. Or you're even more creepy and awkward, and you don't look her in the eyes.

8. You know asking a girl out should look something like this.

amieeeGO / Via youtube.com

9. Instead, you stand there mumbling and pointing at her phone.

whatever2ND / Via youtube.com

10. Then there are the times you're in an elevator with a hot girl and you completely forget how to act human.

DizastaMusic / Via youtube.com

So you act like a space alien instead.

DizastaMusic / Via youtube.com

AXE understands how hard things are for guys, especially with women getting hotter every day.

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