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What's Your Patronus?

Release the inner YOU ...

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You all know a patronus, right?

(HINT: It's that thing in Harry Potter ...)

In case you don't, this is a patronus:

This is a patronus, according to the Harry Potter Wiki:

The Patronus Charm (Expecto Patronum) is an immensely complicated, very difficult spell that evokes a partially-tangible positive energy force known as a Patronus (pl. Patronuses[4]) or spirit guardian[3]. The charm was primarily designed for defence against Dementors and Lethifolds, against which there is no other protection[5]. Albus Dumbledore, however, invented a means of using one's Patronus as a messenger to other witches and wizards, and this is the method of communication that the Order of the Phoenix uses[3].

Anyway, in the movie everyone has their own patronus.

Hermione ...

Ron ...

Harry ...

Now, the question is, if you had a patronus, what would it be?

And remember, the funnier, weirder, and cooler ... the better!


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