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8 Very Unusual Ways To Die

I dare you not to press the WTF button.

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1. Uncontrollable laughter / Via Wikimedia Commons

In 1556, Pietro Aretino, an italian poet, satirist, and pornographer, died by suffocation due to uncontrollable laughter. Could you be next?

2. Tripping

In 1667, the burgomaster of Brunau, Austria, died after tripping on his own beard and breaking his neck. The beard was 4.5 feet long at the time of his death, and he unusually kept it in a leather pouch.

4. Death by rice chest / Via Wikimedia Commons

Crown Prince Sado died in 1762 after his father (the king) deemed him unfit to take the throne. He was ordered to be sealed alive in a rice chest.

6. King Tut's Curse / Via Wikimedia Commons

After George Herbert, 5th Earl of Carnarvon got a mosquito bite on his face which he cut when shaving lead to an infection, it lead him to blood poisoning and eventually pneumonia. He died in 1923.

8. Formula One / Via Wikimedia Commons

Alan Stacey, a Formula One race driver died after a bird flew onto the track during the Grand Prix in Belgium, which caused him to lose control, ultimately leading to his death in 1960.

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