7 Underestimated Animals

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. “There’s more than meet’s the eye”. All very appropriate sayings in this situation.

1. This cat.

You do NOT want to get in a fight with him, trust me.

2. Alfonzo the puppy.

He may seem harmless, but he’ll ground you to a pulp with his staring contest abilities. Go ahead, see who will win.

3. Him.

The fastest rabbits on Earth can run an amazing 45 mph.

4. Any pig with hypnotizing abilities.

This reminds me a bit of Medusa and her deadly stare. If you stare at this pig for too long … it’s like .. like .. he’s just … like .. hypnotizing you …

5. Sloths.

These animals have an amazing grip strength, as they spend most of their lives “hangin’ around” (sorry, I had to stick that in there) in trees.

6. Lion cubs.

He will gnaw the heck out of your tables.

7. This duckling.

When he sets his eyes on you, boy, he’ll never let you go.

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