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Anonymous's Operation Payback: Issue Warning to Fellow Anon's About Arrests

They warn users to delete files/logs and be secure.

awkwardturkey 8 years ago

Anon Declares War On

Anon's had enough of Knowyourmeme's exploitation of their hard work, with possible intent to copyright a meme.

awkwardturkey 8 years ago

4chan Loves Giga Pudding - PUDDIPUDDIPUDDI

4chan descended into brilliant madness tonight. PUDDIPUDDIPUDDI

awkwardturkey 8 years ago

"punch Pterodactyl in the Dick" - Gchat Rpg Game

I was bored at work, so I gchatted my friend and started a text-based RPG for him.

awkwardturkey 8 years ago

HotTopic Learns to Not Mess With 4chan

HotTopic attempts to sell Rage Face t-shirts. Anon respectfully stops them from selling it by doing what they do best.

awkwardturkey 8 years ago

My Water Bill Was Late. I Sent Them a Card to Ease the Tension

They decided to send a “reminder” to let me know they can turn off my water all willy-nilly, and to be honest, their letter was quite rude and intimidating. In an attempt to bridge the disconnect and mute their hostility, I sent my payment, but not in the return envelope they provided.

awkwardturkey 8 years ago

My Small Take On Rally to Restore Sanity

My take on the rally, johns full speech, and 5 favorite rally signs.

awkwardturkey 8 years ago

A Look Into the Void, How One Person Leaving Killed SNL

One Adam McKay and Tina Fey left, it all went to hell. Some videos also of when times were good.

awkwardturkey 8 years ago

George Lucas Rumored to Make Another 3 Star Wars Trilogy

The rumors are yet unconfirmed, but good god man...

awkwardturkey 8 years ago

Meanwhile in Russia...

Only in Russia is this possible...

awkwardturkey 9 years ago