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Watch What College Students Confess When Their Video Has A Blur Filter

We might have polished Instagram feeds, but where do we go when things happen that aren't exactly picture perfect? This is where confession apps (think Yik Yak or Whisper) save the day. 'Awkward' takes confessions to the next level by introducing video to the medium, which is blurred for anonymity. Check out that awkward moment when...

AwkwardGirl 5 years ago

Three Absolutely Awkward College Girl Confessions

With the social demand to maintain perfectly manicured online profiles like Instagram and Facebook, tons of new anonymous confessional apps provide the perfect counterpoint for sharing the messier, more-realistic parts of our lives. Awkward is a new app that lets you confess your secrets anonymously, via blurred video. Here are three college girl confessions to get you started.

AwkwardGirl 5 years ago