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Which "New Girl" Roommate Would You Want As Your Roommate?

You won't find people like this on Craigslist.

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Would you live with Jess Day?

Her interests include drinking when God intended,


And the joy of music.

She is a great wing-woman.

And an awesome party planner.

Sometimes she gets a little emotional.

Sometimes alot emotional.

If this occurs, lend a helping hand.

And she'll be right back on her feet.

She will have her bad days.

And weeks.

But when that passes...

Old Jess returns.

She's a deep thinker.

But she'll be there for you.

Maybe you'd rather live with Schmidt.

He is skilled in the art of seduction.

And sex.

He is an innovator.


And he's complex.

Although he is confident...

And tenacious,

He has a tender soul.

He knows there is a time to party.

And a time to pray.

But if you stick with him through the rough times...

He'll do anything for you.


Perhaps Winston Bishop is your choice.

He enjoys his weekends.

His entertainment.

And his meals at a proper time.

He can be the life of the party...

Or predict the end of his life.

While he may struggle with his words at times...

His singing talent is that of an angel.

At times he may point out your flaws.

Or his own flaws.

And while he understands what life truly is.

He will still be there to help you fix yours.

And yes, his focuses will always be food.

And a good time.

But he won't forget his friends.

You can live with Nick Miller.

He knows what he wants.

He can jam out if the song is right (Cotten-Eyed Joe to be specific).

But don't ask him to dance.

Or to open a door.

He's a good conversationalist.


He has his ups.

And downs.

And even though he is a pain...

In your ass,

He'll always look out for you.

Who would you live with?

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