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    Here Are 15 Pictures Of Birthday Dogs Just Cause

    Every dog deserves it's day...and a party...and some cake.

    "Thank You Birthday Gods"

    "So Wrong...But So Delicious..."

    "Why Is Everyone Singing...?"

    "Fine, One More Picture And Then I Open Gifts!"

    "I Am Not Impressed"

    "What The Hell Happened Last Night, Guys...?"

    "Haha, You Assholes! I Love You!"

    "Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God!"

    "Thanks, Grandma"

    "Sorry. I Just Got Really Excited, Okay?"

    "Hey, Someone Play "Soul Man" This Instant!"

    "It's So Beautiful..."

    "Ugh, I'm Old."

    "Are Those Singing Waitresses Coming Towards Me...?"

    "I Am So Done With You Guys."

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