20 Things We Will Never Grow Out Of

Because being an adult is overrated.

3. And don’t forget

4. 2. Playing the games on the back of the cereal box

6. 4. Knowing the words to this

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Turn this up and sing your heart out. Your Bel-Air ancestors would have want it to be this way.

7. 5. Doing this face when presented with a delicious plate of food

8. 6.Making sure every computer chair takes you to your next destination

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this girl’s enthusiasm and choice of outfit.

9. 7. Or if a shopping cart is more your style

10. 8. This bringing tears to your eyes

11. 9. And this as well

12. 10. Using rubber bands for their intended purpose

13. 11. Having the urge to always built this

14. 12. Getting hyped up for movies

15. 13. Knowing that this…

16. Will always be best friends with this

Look how graceful that milk is.

17. 14. Using rock, paper, scissors to settle everything

“Let’s play rock, paper, scissor to decide who gets to leave this awful vacation first.”

18. 15. Secretly hoping there will this at any party you attend

This looks like a scene out of Glee.

19. 16. Using the Slip ‘n Slide

Or improving…

20. 17. Never missing an opportunity to quote ‘Mean Girls’

21. 18. Wanting to really attend Hogwarts

22. Settling for this instead

That girl is so ecstatic she wants to make sure she isn’t dreaming.

23. 19. Finding this adorable

25. 20. Losing your cool at concerts

I’m glad they photoshopped me out of this picture.

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