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    16 Uncomfortable Magician Promo Pictures

    Every little thing they do is magic.

    "Our love is magical"

    "After dinner, the magic happens"

    "Before you ask, my wife did leave me"

    "On Wednesdays we wear pink"

    "Yes, I did make this dove out of my shirt"

    "I am glad I found this hat in time"

    "You like this background? I got the idea from school picture day"

    "For my next trick I shall appear in your nightmares"

    Nothing here is inappropriate

    "Remind me to put this on Facebook, guys"

    "To the girls that rejected me..."

    "You will come to my will come to my show"

    "The true star here is my finger"

    "Book us. We are not telling you again"

    "More lightning, please"

    "Meet me at Hot Topic"