15 Reasons Donna From "Parks & Recreation" Is A Role Model

Treat yo self.

1. 1. She doesn’t let the opinions of others affect her.

2. 2. Encourages her friends to love themselves.

3. 3. Spreads love and joy.

4. 4. She is always confident.

5. 5. She goes after what she wants.

7. 7. She encourages reading.

8. 8. Not afraid to be sassy when needed.

9. 9. Always offers help to a friend in need.

10. 10. She shows it’s okay to stand up for yourself.

11. 11. She accepts and is happy with herself.

12. 12. She knows what she likes.

13. 13. She really knows what she likes.


14. 14. Keeps her eyes on the prize.

15. 15. She is a strong woman.

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