10 Things That Distract You From Life

I would describe it as a love/love relationship with the internet.

3. Cat Videos

6. Where you find more fucking

9. Because this is worth it

10. And so is this

12. How can you say “No” to them?

13. You simply can’t

14. 5. The Blackhole

15. Thank You

16. We Mean it…

17. We really do.

19. “Come over and lets avoid life together”

Look how happy these assholes are.

20. 7. IMDB

I just want to know what was the last box office hit Dennis Quaid had.

22. This one is for the folks back home

23. This one is for the folks back in the third world countries

24. 9. One Word: Sloths

25. I mean, come on.

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