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Start Planning The Baby Shower Because Bonnie And Damon Are Making Babies Y'all

The Vampire Diaries just gave us all of the feels with these Bamon scenes!

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They're grinding y'all.

So Beautiful...

Look into those icy blues and see your future girl.

She fell in love. We just saw it happen.

Right now Bamon-shippers are taking this as a win.

I'm pretty sure Damon just proposed to Bonnie.


Another win.

Bamon: 538,138,438,219

Delena: 000.00 (We've gotta have those sig figs to make it a fair fight).

By the look in her eyes, I'd say she said yes.

You can cut the sexual tension with....with some sex actually.

Delena who?

Next, Damon and Bonnie will do the nasty and have babies, and Elena will wake up from her coma like...

It sucks to suck Elena because Bamon isn't going anywhere

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