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My Bamon Senses Are Tingling

Can we just obsess, hope, pray, and scream for it to happen this season?

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Look at them!!!


First: Let's just admire the pure fire that is Bamon. For those of you who do not know, it is the official ship name for Bonnie and Damon from "The Vampire Diaries". Bonnie. Damon. Witch. Vampire. Amazeballs right? I'm not sure if it was on purpose or on accident, but the chemistry between the two of them is undeniable.

Look at them!! Again.


The only problem is -er, well- was Elena Gilbert played by the fabulous Nina Dobrev. Not anymore though, HA! Too soon? Anyway, she's out of the picture now and me and a couple million other Bamon shippers are wondering what exactly is holding Julie Plec back from taking advantage of that extra golden screen time to exploit the crap out of Damon and Bonnie's hidden love for each other.

Exhibit C: So sad.


Here she is, sending bae (Damon) from a 1990's purgatory back to the land of the living while she stays stuck with Kai (a sexy psychopath who killed his siblings). Yeah...these are the decisions written for her character.

Go ahead and skip to the 1:45 mark.

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Note: I do not own anything, all rights go to the CW.

Ok, so you get the point right?

Everyone she could ever love either dies, is unfortunate collateral damage in a master plan, abandons her, or cheats on her with a ghost. So this begs the question: Why?

Side Note:And why did it take 6 seasons and everyone dying to get Bonnie some kind of relevant story line? Hmm?

Do you want to know why the shade has been thrown and the smell has been smelt?


It's because Bonnie and Damon would be FIRE compared to Elena and Damon's weak, childlike, bubble gum, teeny-bopper, unhealthy, one-sided, twisted, little flame. Yes i said it.

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