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65 Times Dean Winchester Knew What You Were Thinking

Jensen Ackles knows too.

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1. What in the *beep* is my mother doing here?

2. What is it now?

3. Sure, I'll do it...because no one else will.

4. You in class: "I want to go home."

5. Oh, so there's a reason why you're a dick?

6. I'm making fun of someone and I hope they don't see me.

7. You at graduation: "Free at last!"

8. Werk.

9. That's my JAM!

10. No, I did not eat that cake.

11. You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

12. What do you mean i failed that test? I thought it was easy...

13. Since when did we start doing it that way?

14. You know what I'm talking about.

15. Don't judge me, it's Friday.

16. Is there a reason you're so happy?

17. Yup. Don't care.

18. How many drinks did you have?

19. Hey there sweet thang?

20. I'm 21.

21. Yeah, let's go with you're plan, because you know...mine sucked.

22. Wait. What?

23. Dear God I need to work out.

24. I don't know what you're talking about, I'm a good dancer.

25. You wish you were me.

26. I'm not listening.

27. The ole "I've got a spoon in my mouth". Classic.

28. Can you believe this guy?

29. Crap, is that Liam Neeson? Is this plane being high-jacked?


31. Did you see that?

32. I'm going to punch you in the throat when I finish this burger.

33. Yeah, I know I'm awesome.

34. You said I'm sexy?

35. This place is nice. Not better than mine though.

36. Well I never liked you or your dog.

37. Can you just be serious for one moment?

38. I felt your foot on mine. I know the game you're playing.

39. I'm totally rocking this Halloween costume.

40. That's funny right?

41. My little brother is off limits you piece of trash!

42. Will you at least consider it?

43. You had one job!

44. I've got date #2!


45. A gerbil...with some peanut butter?

46. You're not going to beat me this time.

47. It's now or never babe.

48. You know what this is.

49. Can you leave me alone now?

50. I'm supposed to care because?

51. You want me as your lab partner?

52. You talking about me?

53. So what if my ex is dating someone else.

54. Why are you so drunk?

55. What's my name? ...I don't want to tell you my name... Fine. It's...

56. So you didn't do your part of the project?

57. That's the last thing, I promise!

58. It is what it is.

59. Photobomb! Oh, it's a video?

60. You better be glad I was joking.

61. Bae?

62. Yes. I'm in the CIA and my burden is heavy.

63. That's an *beeping* spider!

64. I told you I'd wait for you.

65. So this is the end...

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