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25 Times You Said "Fix It Jesus!"

We've all had those times, and we all can agree that those times suck.

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1. Sometimes, it's the only thing you can say.

2. Your car broke down.

3. Embarrassment.

4. Exam day, and you didn't study.

5. Your mom just said "Bye Felicia"

6. We've all had this happen...

7. You can't find a job after graduation.

8. You've got that one friend...

9. that whenever she says matter what it is...


10. you just want to punch her in the throat.

11. Right in her jugular.

12. You're not that important hun.

13. You see your credit score.

14. Oh. You're not pregnant?

15. When people have bad breath...

16. Or when your own breath smells...

17. When this happened.


18. Then this followed shortly after.


19. When people use "ratchet" and "ghetto" to describe everything.


20. When your feels go haywire for no reason.

21. When you're just feeling down and out.

22. The teacher gets your name wrong...and you just want to go off.

23. Just remember, that even when you're in the front seat of the struggle bus...

24. ...heading straight for a ditch with your list of woes in your pocket...

25. He can fix it.

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