Anson Williams
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    • Anson Williams

      I don’t know anything about the backstage drama of Smash, but I do know that what ended up on the screen was embarrassing and cringe-worthy at times. At best, it was a D+ show and everyone is responsible for that, including Ms. Rebeck. The show had many problems and Megan Hilty was NOT one of them. The fact that producers kept trying to boot her just proves how misguided their focus was. She was the only reason I continued to watch the show. She was ideal casting for a Broadway drama.  The problems, as the article states, was horribly stilted and cliche-ridden dialogue that sounded like it came from a 40’s noir film. Granted that the actors weren’t given much to work with in that sense, but I was stunned at how BAD, very, very BAD a lot of the acting was, especially Angelica Houston, who I respect. You know how you can feel embarrassed for someone who’s humiliating themselves unknowingly? THAT’S how I felt about most of the cast on Smash.  The musical numbers were definitely oddly placed and seemed to come out of nowhere just because, “It’s time for a musical number!” ALL the music on the show should have been restricted to rehearsal or performance scenes of the musicals that were being produced. No karoke bars, no singing on the street, no singing in the shower. Just keep in legit and in performance/rehearsal. Instead, we got the worst of them all…the Bollywood number in Season 1. That’s when I knew the show had “jumped the shark”. It had lost all credibility and there was no turning back. The reputation was gone. Props to all who tried to save it in Season 2, but the damage was done.  I also feel the other big mistake was making the show too “shiny”. It was so brightly lit and colorful when it should have felt grittier and more realistic like the Fame, the film version, NOT the TV show. That would have grounded it more in reality and the show wouldn’t have been such a caricature.  Good for Kate Arthur for giving others a fair shot to respond to her story and for NOT taking the original down! I love writers who have principles.

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