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8 Of The Craziest Youtube Channels

Get ready for some Youtube insanity, folks. The staff at AwesomeRobo spent a few nights scouring the dark underbelly of Youtube for some really uh, "interesting channels." We present on sample from each of these channels.

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  • 1. You_can_only_have_a_maximum_of_7_video_clips

    Get ready to crap your pants. This is what nightmares are made of, set to pleasant French music.

  • 2. Unicorn 1

    This man loves to be a pretty Unicorn, and a tiger, a pony, and so on. This might be considered terrifying, or awesome depending on your tastes.


    If you've ever wanted to watch a Swedish man make terrible noises while cooking hotdogs, and you enjoy people screaming at inanimate objects..This is the channel for you.

  • 4. American cars

    This man likes his American cars, but he enjoys pronouncing their names even more. CHEVVVRROLLLEEETTTTT-UHH, CHEVVVROLLETTTTT-UH!

  • 5. Double Pipes Tobaccos, Smoking, with Camouflage Hat

    This man has uploaded 2,540 videos of himself smoking pipes in various outfits and hats. There's not much else that needs to be said.

  • 6. I'm a super supreme!.wmv

    This Australian woman should have never been allowed to discover 3d, much less synthesizers. Prepare for an assault on both your eyes and ears.


    This British chap definitely should try different methods for getting a date. He sure loves those images

  • 8. Mel Gibson Learns to 'Cool It' After Counseling!

    Fred and Sharon enjoy the company of digital Mel Gibson. There is no way to even describe what is going on here.