• 1. 50 Fist Dates

    Drew Barrymore’s expression of terror makes sense now.

  • 2. OBAMA: African In The White House

    Tea partiers will eat this one right up.

  • 3. Buffalo Soldiers

    Bootleg Review: “Irritating and toothless.” Any review is a good review?

  • 4. Spiderman

    MY EYES!!

  • 5. Pepe Likes Tacos

    Arguably considered to be one of Tom Cruise’s finest moments on film.

  • 6. Prime

    Bootleg Review: “You feel yourself trying too hard to make this film work.”

  • 7. Weaty Four

    Now with extra fiber.

  • 8. Flags Of Our Fathur

    Fathur would be proud.

  • 9. Des Serpents Dans L’Avion

    I guess in this version of Snakes On A Plane, Samuel L. Jackson is a maniacal taser wielding creeper.

  • 10. Lord Of The Pirates: Potters Return

    The finest of bootleg mashups.

  • 11. RV

    Bootleg Synopsis: “Spend together for two weeks let the whole family sink into unable to cay or laugh embarrassing situation.”

  • 12. Indiana Jones

    And the Revenge of Sauron’s Eye

  • 13. Catch Me If You Can

    Now in nauseating technicolor.

  • 14. There’s Something More About Mar

    Oh Mar, going off and cloning yourself like that.

  • 15. The Perfect Man

    Bootleg Review: “The Perfect Man takes its idiotic plot and uses it as the excuse for scenes of awesome stupidity.:

  • 16. Matrix Reloaded

    Now 10,000% hotter.

  • 17. Gurds The Ainst

    We guess this was supposed to be Hot Fuzz. What the hell happened here? A mangling of epic proportions.

  • 18. The-40-Year-Old-Virgem

    Spoilers: He loses his virgemity.

  • 19. Bourne Identity

    Our hearts are pounsing hard too.

  • 20. Seinfed

    Corn fed, coin fed, sudafed, Seinfed.

  • 21. Ex-Nigaa’s Collection Vol. 3

    There are so many things wrong with this one. But hey HBO, love the new logo!

  • 22. Underworld

    “The war returns at continue.” Yes.


    Mel Gibson would be proud.

  • 24. Star Wars

    More like Star Predators: Episode 1. This was the classic image that started our search for more butcherings. Thanks for looking at our list.