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The 23 Worst Parts About Being Good At Grammar

When your good at grammar, its both a blessing and a curse.

1. Even at a young age, you were better at grammar than most people.

2. You excelled where your peers lagged behind.

3. You have a hard time connecting with others.

4. Relationships have ended as a result of improper grammar.

5. You’ve lost all faith in word processors.

6. Who programs these things?

7. Sometimes you can’t help but leave a snarky response on a poorly worded sign.

8. Your friends know the easiest methods for screwing with you.

9. You can't help but correct the correctors.

10. You’ve had to teach generous friends pretty tough lessons.

11. You find yourself wondering why a hotel would only have one guest at a time.

12. Things have gotten so bad, you’ve started considering one out of four a success for most people.

13. Every minor typo becomes a hilarious joke:

14. Facebook is a minefield.

15. You can't even go on Twitter anymore.

16. Even Tumblr has become a problem.

17. Stray quotation marks make you feel "uneasy."

18. You find yourself wondering what "Boy Syrup" could possibly be.

19. You can't help but imagine Rachael Ray cooking and consuming her own dog, which is a really upsetting thing to imagine.

20. You understand that people in high-stress careers don't always have time for punctuation, but that doesn't excuse them.

21. You see something like this and add Nate Wade Subaru to your long list of businesses you'll never visit.

22. For a second, the world seems like a magical fairy tale....

23. ...but then you just realize everyone else is an idiot.