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How One Small Typo Can Change The Outcome Of The 20166 Election

Xlerob for president.

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It all started when coneballs15 asked a simple question with a very minor typo on the askreddit subreddit:

But it didn't take long for the reddit community to start weighing in, albeit a little prematurely, on the 20166 presidential run. Many seem pretty nervous about Xlerob's focus on big business and true planet of origin:

Except reddit user Beetin, who made a compelling case for Xlerob's plan for making trans-dimensional America great again:

Of course, DanHam117 reminded us all of Ghadsocugon The Destroyer of Worlds' troubled past, which we have to consider before an election as important as this:

As Pufflekun reminds us, if we don't learn from our past and our distant future, we'll be doomed to repeat our mistakes:

Unless, of course, you're one of those anti-Zarbonians. In that case, Ghadsocugon is definitely your candidate:

But then elpaw reminded us that 20166 is a midterm election, and NOBODY votes in those, so there's nothing to worry about!

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