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    25 People Who Were Born In The Wrong Generation

    "I'm not like other 13-year-olds..."

    1. Man, teenagers were so much cooler back in the pop-punk days.

    2. Remember two summers ago? Such a great time to be alive.

    3. Life was so much simpler when I was three. Playstation 2. Diapers. Soft food. Sigh.

    4. Can you believe the "music" this generation “listens” to? Disgusting.

    5. Born 1,000 years too late. Never got a chance to live without plumbing and die of the plague.

    6. FINALLY! Someone else who has heard of a massively popular band that made the second-best selling album of all time!

    7. 13-year-olds in Ancient Greece had such awesome lives.

    8. All music is awful these days. What ever happened to great bands like Ace of Bass and Sisqó?

    9. Yeah, they’re called Queen. You’ve probably never heard of them.

    10. Can you believe that young people haven’t heard of a guy who only had one top-40 song 20 years ago?!

    11. Not all 13-year-olds are the same. This one is different. Better. Stronger.

    12. I miss the days when 12% of the population oppressed and controlled a massive peasant class too.

    13. Listen, I know it’s called the GREAT depression, but I bet it wasn’t that bad.

    14. “Crazy Frog” is the voice of a generation!

    15. Why can’t everyone just accommodate my crappy old flip phone?!

    16. Music has just never been the same since 1720!

    17. I miss the Roaring’ 20s, when everyone wore bow-ties and drank Pepsi our of whiskey tumblers.

    18. Feeling nostalgic for a few months from now when this album drops. I bet it’s gonna be awesome.

    19. Remember when MTV was just insufferable, instead of unwatchable.

    20. What is this world coming to?

    21. Hey ‘90s kids… remember towels?!

    22. Nobody even wears clothes anymore! What happened to America?!

    23. I miss transformer boxes. You modern kids wouldn’t understand.

    24. Kids these days should have to be subjected to the same awful 8-bit graphics as the rest of us!

    25. Toddlers these days! Am I right?!

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