What’s Your Geek Number?

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A.

  1. Check all that you answer "yes" to:
    1. 1 Have you read all of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman?
    2. 2 Have you read Watchmen?
    3. 3 Do you own a copy of Watchmen?
    4. 4 Have you read The Walking Dead?
    5. 5 Do you own all of The Walking Dead in single issues?
    6. 6 Have you read all of Fables?
    7. 7 Have you read Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns?
    8. 8 Have you read the Batman storyline Hush?
    9. 9 Have you read Batman: The Killing Joke?
    10. 10 Have you read Batman:Year One?
    11. 11 Have you read Superman: Red Son?
    12. 12 Have you read All-Star Superman?
    13. 13 Have you read Crisis on Infinite Earths?
    14. 14 Do you know the Green Lantern oath by heart?
    15. 15 Have you read the Uncanny X-Men storyline “Days Of Future Past”?
    16. 16 Have you read the X-Men storyline “The Dark Phoenix Saga”?
    17. 17 Have you read Joss Whedon’s run of Astonishing X-Men?
    18. 18 Have you read the Spider-Man storyline “Kraven’s Last Hunt”?
    19. 19 Have you read the original Spider-man clone saga?
    20. 20 Have you read The Infinity Gauntlet?
    21. 21 Did you read Tank Girl?
    22. 22 Did you read Bone?
    23. 23 Did you read The Maxx?
    24. 24 Do you own more than 50 single issue comics?
    25. 25 Do you own the collector’s edition hardcovers of any comics?
    26. 26 Do you have any comic book posters or art on your walls?
    27. 27 Do you have a comic book related clothing?
    28. 28 Do you have a comic book related tattoo?
    29. 29 Have you ever written or drawn your own comic book?
    30. 30 Have you ever gotten so mad at a friend over a comic book argument that you stopped speaking to them for some amount of time?
    31. 31 Have you ever called a comic book store to settle an argument that you were having about a comic book?
    32. 32 Have you ever argued with someone about who would win in a fight between two superheroes for an entire evening?
    33. 33 Are you on a first name basis with the people that work at your local comic book shop?
    34. 34 Do you have a standing Wednesday appointment to go to the comic book shop?
    35. 35 Do you have a pull list at your local comic book shop?
    36. 36 Do you read Manga?
    37. 37 In the original format?
    38. 38 Have you read Lone Wolf & Cub in its entirety?
    39. 39 Have you read all of Golgo 13?
    40. 40 Have you ever played Dungeons & Dragons?
    41. 41 Have you ever played GURPS?
    42. 42 Have you ever played Shadowrun?
    43. 43 Have you ever played Warhammer?
    44. 44 Have you ever played Warhammer 40,000?
    45. 45 Have you ever run a game or been a Dungeon Master?
    46. 46 Have you written your own game, including maps and elaborate backstories for your NPCs?
    47. 47 Do you own figurines from Games Workshop?
    48. 48 Have you ever spent an evening creating D&D characters just for fun?
    49. 49 Have you ever LARPed?
    50. 50 Do you LARP regularly?
    51. 51 Do you ever feel like your roleplaying character is your “true self”?
    52. 52 Have you ever drawn pictures of what you think your roleplaying character looks like?
    53. 53 Have you played with the same RPG character for more than 3 years?
    54. 54 Do you have a regularly scheduled game that you never miss?
    55. 55 Do you ever play RPGs with strangers at conventions or comic shops?
    56. 56 Have you ever downloaded the computer version of a favorite RPG?
    57. 57 Have you ever created your own custom RPG to fit your exact needs?
    58. 58 Have you ever met someone through RPGs?
    59. 59 Have you ever lost a friend because of a RPGs?
    60. 60 Do you stay in character constantly when playing?
    61. 61 Do you have a fake character voice for your RPG?
    62. 62 Do you own more than 10 dice?
    63. 63 Do you own a 20-sided die?
    64. 64 Do you own a 100-sided die?
    65. 65 Have you ever played Magic: The Gathering?
    66. 66 Do you own more than one customized deck?
    67. 67 Do you have any Magic cards with white borders?
    68. 68 Do you own a Magic playmat?
    69. 69 Do you put your Magic cards in sleeves?
    70. 70 Do you play in weekly tournaments?
    71. 71 Do you judge people by which colors they favor in their Magic decks?
    72. 72 Do you think of yourself in terms of the color or colors in your dek?
    73. 73 Have you ever spent more than $10 on one Magic card?
    74. 74 More than $50?
    75. 75 Have you ever traded Magic cards with a stranger?
    76. 76 Have you ever met someone through Magic?
    77. 77 Have you ever lost a friend because of a Magic game?
    78. 78 Have you ever participated in a sealed deck tournament?
    79. 79 Do you find yourself trying to “tap” cards when you’re playing regular card games?
    80. 80 Do you think Magic: The Gathering is meaningful?
    81. 81 Have you ever played Settlers of Catan?
    82. 82 Risk?
    83. 83 Axis & Allies?
    84. 84 Game of Thrones: The Board Game?
    85. 85 Dominion?
    86. 86 Pandemic?
    87. 87 Agricola?
    88. 88 Puerto Rico?
    89. 89 Have you ever paid more than $50 for a board game?
    90. 90 Have you funded a tabletop game on Kickstarter?
    91. 91 Have you ever played a tabletop game for more than eight hours straight?
    92. 92 Have you ever had to go to bed but taken a bunch of pictures of your board so that you can recreate the game where you left it at another gaming night?
    93. 93 Have you ever called in sick to finish a game?
    94. 94 Have you ever felt genuinely hurt by a friend’s actions in a tabletop game?
    95. 95 Not spoken to them because of it?
    96. 96 Have you ever, knowing you’re going to lose, actively prevented someone else from winning?
    97. 97 Do you have a permanent space in your home devoted to gaming?
    98. 98 Have you ever served thematic food or drinks for a gaming night?
    99. 99 Do you ever find yourself play-acting in character while playing a tabletop game?
    100. 100 Have you ever gone to a midnight release for a video game?
    101. 101 Have you ever missed work to play a video game?
    102. 102 Have you beaten a video game in one sitting?
    103. 103 Do you still have an original NES?
    104. 104 SNES?
    105. 105 Sega Genesis?
    106. 106 Atari?
    107. 107 Dreamcast?
    108. 108 Have you played every Final Fantasy game?
    109. 109 Every Megaman game?
    110. 110 Every Mario game?
    111. 111 Every Zelda game?
    112. 112 Every Pokémon game?
    113. 113 Every Elder Scrolls game?
    114. 114 Both Portal games?
    115. 115 All the Grand Theft Auto games?
    116. 116 Every Bioshock game?
    117. 117 Every Fallout game?
    118. 118 Have you ever played as the ducks in duck hunt?
    119. 119 Have you ever spent more than an hour just smithing in Skyrim?
    120. 120 Do you know the Konami code by heart?
    121. 121 Do you know what “Dust II” is?
    122. 122 Do you have a high score on a video game at a public arcade?
    123. 123 Have you ever checked the leaderboards on GameBattles to see if your high score compares to the world record?
    124. 124 Do you have a record on any video game?
    125. 125 Have you ever played a game online?
    126. 126 Have you ever played World of Warcraft?
    127. 127 Have you played another MMORPG?
    128. 128 Have you ever played Second Life?
    129. 129 Have you ever played Minecraft?
    130. 130 Have you ever played Call of Duty online?
    131. 131 Have you ever played Halo online?
    132. 132 Can you still remember how to play the songs from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time?
    133. 133 Have you ever participated in a video game tournament?
    134. 134 Have you ever participated in a DDR tournament?
    135. 135 Guitar Hero tournament?
    136. 136 Have you ever corrected someone who thought Zelda was the protagonist?
    137. 137 Have you ever played a game of Tecmo Super Bowl where no one is allowed to be Bo?
    138. 138 Have you read all of the A Song of Ice and Fire books?
    139. 139 The Wheel of Time books?
    140. 140 The Lord of the Rings books?
    141. 141 Can you read or write in Elvish?
    142. 142 Have you read The Silmarillion?
    143. 143 Have you read any of the Dragonlance books?
    144. 144 Have you read all of the Harry Potter books?
    145. 145 The Dune books?
    146. 146 The Ender’s Game books?
    147. 147 The Dark Tower books?
    148. 148 Did you ever read the Star Wars books?
    149. 149 Do you have a sci-fi or fantasy related tattoo?
    150. 150 Have you ever read the novelization of a video game?
    151. 151 Do you own any first editions of your favorite fantasy books?
    152. 152 Have you ever gone to a midnight book release party?
    153. 153 Have you ever written your own fantasy or sci-fi stories?
    154. 154 Do you have any book-related tattoos?
    155. 155 Do you know exactly which Hogwarts house you would be in without thinking about it?
    156. 156 Have you ever read an entire 500+ page book in one sitting?
    157. 157 Have you ever stayed up all night reading a book or series?
    158. 158 Have you ever drawn the way you imagined characters look on a series?
    159. 159 Have you ever gone into deviantART to see if other people think the characters look like you do?
    160. 160 Have you ever had a crush on a character from a book you were reading?
    161. 161 Have you ever cried while reading about a favorite character’s death?
    162. 162 Do you still get emotional when you think about Dumbledore?
    163. 163 Or the Red Wedding?
    164. 164 Does it bother you that Tyrion Lannister is so handsome on the TV show?
    165. 165 Does it bother you that Rick Grimes still has his hand on the TV show?
    166. 166 Do you feel like it was a huge mistake for the LOTR movies to leave out Tom Bombadil?
    167. 167 Do you feel superior to people who think they’re fans of something but have only seen the show or movie?
    168. 168 Have you ever used a favorite character as your screen name?
    169. 169 Would you give up your life and everyone you’ve ever loved for a chance to live in the world of one of your favorite books?
    170. 170 Do you know 5 different Harry Potter spell incantations by heart?
    171. 171 Have you seen all of Twin Peaks?
    172. 172 Star Trek: The Original Series?
    173. 173 Star Trek: The Next Generation?
    174. 174 Star Trek: Voyager?
    175. 175 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine?
    176. 176 Star Trek: Enterprise?
    177. 177 Have you ever been to a Star Trek convention?
    178. 178 Have you ever been to a comic book convention?
    179. 179 San Diego Comic Con?
    180. 180 Dressed up for a comic convention?
    181. 181 Do you go to a comic convention every year?
    182. 182 Have you seen all of Battlestar Galactica?
    183. 183 Have you seen all of the original Battlestar Galactica?
    184. 184 Do you watch Doctor Who?
    185. 185 Have you seen any pre-Christopher Eccleston Doctor Who?
    186. 186 Is your favorite Doctor before #9?
    187. 187 Have you watched Stargate?
    188. 188 Farscape?
    189. 189 Buffy the Vampire Slayer?
    190. 190 Dollhouse?
    191. 191 Firefly?
    192. 192 Babylon 5?
    193. 193 Supernatural?
    194. 194 Sherlock?
    195. 195 Have you binge-watched more than 8 episodes of a show in one day/night?
    196. 196 Argued about who the best Enterprise captain is?
    197. 197 Do you know the difference between Data’s emotions and Spock’s?
    198. 198 Can you read or write klingon?
    199. 199 Do you own a Star Trek uniform?
    200. 200 Have you ever been to a Browncoats meetup?
    201. 201 Do you own Jayne’s hat?
    202. 202 Do you plan your Sunday nights around Game of Thrones?
    203. 203 Do you own a replica of the 4th Doctor’s scarf?
    204. 204 Do you stream shows before they reach your country?
    205. 205 Have you ever cooked a meal inspired by something they ate in a book you loved?
    206. 206 Do you watch any anime?
    207. 207 Have you seen all of FLCL?
    208. 208 Have you seen all of Attack on Titan?
    209. 209 Have you seen every Studio Ghibli film?
    210. 210 Do you own a plush Totoro?
    211. 211 Have you seen Akira?
    212. 212 Have you ever been to a video rental place that specializes in anime?
    213. 213 Do you refuse to watch the dubbed version of a good anime?
    214. 214 Have you ever watched a hentai movie?
    215. 215 Have you seen all the Star Wars movies?
    216. 216 Do you own copies of the movies from before the George Lucas edits?
    217. 217 Do you own a storm trooper suit?
    218. 218 Have you ever considered what color your lightsaber would be?
    219. 219 Do you have any Star Wars tattoos?
    220. 220 Have you ever pretended that you have force powers when going through an automatic door?
    221. 221 Have you seen Blade Runner?
    222. 222 Have you seen all the Matrix movies?
    223. 223 All the Alien movies?
    224. 224 All the Star Trek movies?
    225. 225 Every Marvel movie?
    226. 226 Did you see The Avengers in the theater more than once?
    227. 227 Have you ever gone to the midnight release of a movie?
    228. 228 Have you ever camped out to buy tickets for a movie?
    229. 229 Have you seen The Princess Bride?
    230. 230 Can you quote The Princess Bride from memory?
    231. 231 Have you ever dressed up for a movie premiere?
    232. 232 Have you ever gone to a marathon screening of an entire series of movies?
    233. 233 Have you ever described a movie as “so bad that it’s great”?
    234. 234 Do you know lines from Troll 2 by heart?
    235. 235 Have you ever been to a live MST3K or Riff Tracks-style performance?
    236. 236 Can you complete this sentence: “Do or not do…”
    237. 237 Have you ever replaced a part from your computer?
    238. 238 Installed an operating system?
    239. 239 Have you ever defragged your hard drive?
    240. 240 Successfully diagnosed a bug on your computer?
    241. 241 Have you built your own PC?
    242. 242 Have you built your own water-cooled PC?
    243. 243 Do you know how to overclock a processor?
    244. 244 Have you ever modded a PC case?
    245. 245 Have you ever hacked in to someone else’s computer?
    246. 246 Have you used DOS?
    247. 247 Used the command line on a PC or the terminal on a Mac?
    248. 248 Have you ever run a virtual operating system on your computer just so you could play a game?
    249. 249 Do you know HTML?
    250. 250 CSS?
    251. 251 C++?
    252. 252 Javascript?
    253. 253 BASIC?
    254. 254 Python?
    255. 255 Ruby?
    256. 256 Have you ever written your own programming language?
    257. 257 Do random old people you know call you to get help with their computer problems?
    258. 258 Have you ever installed a mod on a game?
    259. 259 Made a mod for a game?
    260. 260 Have you ever jailbroken an iPhone?
    261. 261 Had a dedicated gaming PC in addition to your regular computer?
    262. 262 Have you ever been on the Deep Web?
    263. 263 Are you the moderator of a subreddit?
    264. 264 Have you ever run your own dial-up BBS?
    265. 265 Do you understand anything on 4chan?
    266. 266 Do you have your own personal website that you made?
    267. 267 Have you ever built a web app?
    268. 268 Do you have advanced degree?
    269. 269 Do you have a PhD?
    270. 270 Do you have PhD in something other than medicine?
    271. 271 Have you been published in academic journal?
    272. 272 Do you have an Erdős number?
    273. 273 Do you have an Erdős-Bacon number?
    274. 274 Do you ever worry that you won’t manage to finish reading all the books you want to read before you die?
    275. 275 Do you correct people’s grammar?
    276. 276 Do you own more than 1000 books?
    277. 277 Have you ever been to an observatory?
    278. 278 Have you ever handled harsh chemicals?
    279. 279 Do you know the periodic table from memory?
    280. 280 Do you have a science related tattoo?
    281. 281 Have you ever tested a theory for fun?
    282. 282 Can you recite more than 5 digits of pi?
    283. 283 Do you judge people who say “I just don’t like math”?
    284. 284 Do you think everyone should know a programming language?
    285. 285 Are you ordained in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?
    286. 286 Can you finish this Lovecraft line: “ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu…”
    287. 287 Have you ever made up a language?
    288. 288 Have you ever made your own font?
    289. 289 Can you tell the difference between Helvetica and Arial?
    290. 290 Do you get irrationally angry when you see Comic Sans or Papyrus in the wild?
    291. 291 Do you watch Adventure Time even though you’re not a child?
    292. 292 Do you watch My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic even though you’re not a child?
    293. 293 Are you a brony?
    294. 294 Have you ever been to a convention for a specific thing that no one else you know cares about?
    295. 295 Have you ever painted a figurine?
    296. 296 Have you ever crafted with LED lights?
    297. 297 Do you own a soldering iron?
    298. 298 Have you ever read fan fiction?
    299. 299 Have you written fan fiction?
    300. 300 Have you been sexually aroused by fan fiction?

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