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"World War III" Is Trending And Everyone Is Just Tweeting Jokes About It

This probably happened when news about the last couple World Wars broke too, right?

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Turkish jets shot down a Russian warplane this morning and everyone on Twitter started tweeting about World War III. So ... these are the memes you will remember when you look back on this dark period in our history?

"Granddad, what were you doing when World War III broke out?" "I was meme-ing and photoshopping pretty hard on Twitter."

If it's World War III, do I still have to do my tax return?

Powers up The Twitter. Sees "World War III" trending. Exits left.

European news: we are at the brink of World War III. all you need to know about Black Friday. 🙄

World War II was a rare case where the sequel was better. Doing World War III will ruin the franchise. #SayNoToTheTrilogy

Jaguars are finally in the playoff hunt and world war 3 is about to start

Blogger’s dilemma: Not in the mood to write about World War III but bored by everything else in the news

When World War III is trending...

World War III is trending. Wonder if it'll be spit into two parts and released separately to make more money?

World War III is trending so I can only assume that I left the toilet seat up again this morning.

If World War III is about to kick off I would like to take the time to make the following abundantly fucking clear:

The worst thing about World War III would be the Sainsbury's advert afterwards.

If you could just please refrain from starting World War III until after Star Wars, that would be just great. Thank you.

World War III, but with sticks and stones, principally to annoy Albert Einstein #niche

When we see 'World War III' as trending topic throughout the day. #WorldWar3 #Oasis #NoelGallagher

A cheeky wee night out, wasn’t going to have wine… But seen talk of World War III, best make the most of things.

It's world war 3 going on apparently and there's me complaining that it's a bit too cold outside

World War 3 about to start, I have a plan

My sources tell me that World War III isn't a sequel, it's a total reboot of the human race.

At least World War III won’t last very long, unless it’s directed by Peter Jackson.

Me when i see World War III trending on twitter:

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