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    24 Pictures That Will Leave You With More Questions Than Answers


    1. I wonder how much spaghetti a standard english dictionary can hold?

    2. Did this work?

    3. You spent money on a pizza for this?

    4. Just... how?

    5. Have you tried warm milk or meditation instead?

    6. Just in case of what?

    7. I guess I've never thought about it. Is this something I should be worried about?

    8. Does anyone even sell bone-in watermelon anymore?

    9. How does a crayon know?

    10. Where can I buy one of those ceramic squirrels?

    11. Do you think he knows its there?

    12. How many hours a day do you practice?

    13. Okay, but WHERE'S THE "W"? I'M FREAKING OUT.

    14. Who's the guy in your picture? Are you being unfaithful?

    15. What kind of bird is that?

    16. Is everything going okay at school?

    17. Is it serious or more of a man's best friend with benefits sort of situation?

    18. Has he ever even played Yu-Gi-Oh! before? Why is he showing his whole hand?

    19. Has this been peer reviewed?

    20. What's the inseam on those? They look a little long.

    21. Yeah, but, did you do something to deserve it?

    22. Wait, which one?

    23. Is this, like, a fetish people have?

    24. Okay, but seriously... what's with all the spaghetti?

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