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21 Times Tumblr Was An Absolute Disaster

Tumblr Logic can be beautiful, but it can also be as fearsome and dangerous as a giraffe.

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1. When this woman was denied the basic human right to enjoy her freshly baked laundry.

2. When an innocent dog almost ended up in a salad as a result of food blindness.

3. When someone confused their greengrocer with their cardiologist.

4. When Darwin woke from his eternal slumber and shed a single, glistening tear.

5. When Pocahontas got lost in Antarctica.

6. When it poked its head into the real world and quickly retreated.

7. When a whole lot of confusion got resolved by some good old-fashioned school spirit.

8. When someone was, once again, caught unawares by the Spanish Inquisition.

9. When it got so confused about its sexuality that an old man died.

10. When someone got just the right amount of high.

11. When this person simply couldn't figure out why they failed Spanish.

12. When someone splurged on breakfast in bed.

13. When this walnut probably wasn't ready to go grocery shopping unaccompanied.

14. When someone couldn't see the forest for the trees, or at all for that matter.

15. When Tumblr users conspired to give this dog a permanent identity crisis.

16. When Tumblr Logic and Real Logic crashed violently into one another.

17. When one little edit made this story so much more powerful.

18. When no one could agree which was "this" and which was "that."

19. When a simple mixed metaphor posed a genuine danger to a marginalized community.

20. When this person's logical side caught up with their creative side.

21. And when they discovered the true meaning of love.

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