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Updated on Jul 18, 2018. Posted on Jan 29, 2015

15 "Trivia Crack" Answers So Dumb You Almost Want To Choose Them

Trivia crack puts the "trivia" is "trivial".

1. Ah, the classic Star Wars line, "Luke, I am your suga mama."

2. Jake got fired from Statefarm for wearing sweatpants to work too many times.

3. Did you hear about the new Splinter exhibition opening at the Met.

4. <3 Todd. He's my fav.

5. I mean, Greenland is green, Luigi is green. Makes sense.

6. Mordor? Oh yeah. Super easy. Just hang a left at Gondor.

7. Nicky leads, Ashton does machines, Kendall is cool but rude, Calum is a party dude.

8. Where’s the “that mineral” option?!

9. This is a toughie... Danger?

10. I don't know what "Unearthing Zemo" is but I'd watch it for sure.

11. Shrek is Love. Shrek is Life.

12. Make it so, Will baby.

13. Carl was one of history's greatest generals. General Carl. Remember him?

14. I've just got too many shelectronic males to deal with right now.

15. Loved Bandersnatch Crackenface in Sherlock.

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