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Top 10 Videos of Pankun The Genius Chimp

Meet Pankun. Pankun is responsible for about 90% of the funny videos of chimps on the internet. Along with his best friend, a pit-bull named James, he loves to learn how to act like a human.

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  • 1. Pankun stars in "The Ring"

    Pankun nails his audition for the next Ring movie.

  • 2. Pankun and James Excercise

    Pankun and James were going through a little bit of a rough patch. They still loved one another, but the physical attraction was just gone from their relationship. They owed it to each other, and to themselves, to get back in shape.

  • 3. Pankun Learns to Ride a Segway

    Pankun masters the segway, which is not an easy feat.

  • 4. Livin' With Pankun

    If you were given the opportunity to live with Pankun for a week, you would definitely take it. It looks great on resumes.

  • 5. Pankun Takes the Train

    Pankun was given the challenge to figure out how to use the train system in Japan, and take James on a trip. It's pretty clear by the random button smashing that his Japanese is a little rusty, but he still does a pretty good job.

  • 6. Uncle Pankun

    After James has a litter of puppies, Pankun is introduced to the newborns. Needless to say, they all become fast friends.

  • 7. Pankun Falls in Love

    Pankun gets all itchy when he meets the lady chimp of his dreams. I remember being pretty nervous my first time with a sexy chimp too.

  • 8. Pankun Visits the Doctor

    Look, monkeys get sick sometimes. Its just a fact of life, and when they do, they go to the vet. Not Pankun though, because Pankun is practically people, and people go to the doctor.

  • 9. Pankun Plays Soccer

    I think I saw this in a movie once...

  • 10. Pankun Learns Magic

    ...As if a genius chimp wasn't magical enough.