24 Tickets Every IT Person Is Sick Of Getting

Some people are beyond help.

1. “Can you unplug this cord for me? I don’t want to screw anything up.”


3. “It has buttons. I thought it must require IT’s help.”

4. “I put new batteries into my mouse but it’s not working.”

5. “Can you help me find a file? I don’t know where I put it or what the name is.”

6. “I can’t set up my email on my iPad!” — Sent from my iPhone.

7. “My hard drive is full.”

8. “My new hire is starting tomorrow, can you get them set up on a computer?”

9. “Can you get a case for my phone for me?”

10. “Can I get a new computer? Mine is already 6 months old.”

11. “Can you help me search?”

12. “I just deleted 3,500 files on Dropbox.”

13. “We have a meeting in 10 minutes. I need microphones set up and for it to be videotaped.”

14. “We bought something that we don’t know how to use, can you teach us? What do you mean you don’t know how to use it? This is your job.”


16. “My laptop won’t turn on, and no, I didn’t spill anything on it.”

17. “I brought my personal computer in. Can you fix it?”

18. “There’s food stuck in my keyboard keys.”

19. “I unplugged something and now nothing works.”

20. “My copy of Outlook 2002 stopped working.”

21. “I updated my software and now everything is missing.”

22. “I know my job depends on me using a computer all day, but I am ‘computer illiterate.’”

23. “I moved a bunch of files into the folder called ‘trash.’ How do I get them back?”

24. “I just emailed a bunch of passwords to a client. Is that OK?”

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