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    21 Times You Were Lied To By A Thumbnail

    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was NOT convincing the world he didn't exist. It was that thumbnail that totally looked like a penis.

    1. Wait... is that what I think it is?

    Yep! (As long as you thought it was a little piglet with its parents.)

    2. OK. That's DEFINITELY a dick.

    Wrong again! Just a stained ceiling tile.

    3. Whoa! Looks like someone has a little piercing down there.

    Slow down, pervert. It's just a hallway.

    4. What a stunning portrait...

    ...of smashed street trash.

    5. This one is easy. It's a duck...

    ...shaped French fry.

    6. Have you ever seen a transparent kitten before?

    Yeah, me neither.

    7. My anaconda don't want none...

    ...unless you've got blimps, hun.

    8. OK, but THAT'S a butt.

    Two chairs pushed together. Get your mind out of the gutter.

    9. Butt?

    Close! BUTTernut squash.

    10. This one is easy. It's a beautiful bird resting on a ledge.

    Pretty close.

    11. What's that red-faced man staring at?

    Ah. Guess he's just trying to pick out a shirt.

    12. Does that guy have a boner? That's not cool.

    Oh. OK. Whew!

    13. Why is that man on the right threatening the man on the left with a gun?

    Oh. OK. Carry on.

    14. Hey! This is a family-friendly site.

    I guess those elbows were a little too racey for some people.

    15. The woman on the right has an awfully large head.

    Or maybe just an awfully confusing dress.

    16. Nice legs, dude.

    Or not.

    17. Ah! What's wrong with his arms?

    OK, I still don't totally understand what's going on.

    18. Aw. That recent amputee and his girlfriend look adorable together.

    Oh, well. Congratulations on having all your hands. I guess.

    19. AHH! Spooky ghost!

    Or just floor-colored legs, which is far less spooky.

    20. Guess this lefty is graduating from arm wrestling academy.

    Or kindergarten. Keep working at it kid, you'll be a champ someday.

    21. That's a handsome selfie, Chihuahua.

    Or just really good timing.