26 Things You’ll See On Public Transportation

In case you needed any more arguments in favor of buying a car and taking it alone everywhere you go for the rest of your life.

1. Adventurous rats:

2. A man who is REALLY enjoying his trashy erotic novel:

3. This woman eating an entire jar of mayo. Like, not with anything. JUST the mayo:

4. White Chocolate (and his bird):

5. People who are not aware of their surroundings:

6. The aftermath of whatever happened right before this picture was taken:

7. People who steady themselves with their butts:

8. Someone preparing a meal:

9. People who don’t understand the concept of highlighting:

10. People with tiny cars saving gas money:

11. A shirtless man crying with his two rabbits:

12. A woman smoking heroin off a sheet of tin foil:

13. Bus ads from people who didn’t really think things through all the way:

14. Juggalettes who didn’t spend enough time on their makeup:

15. The members of the Rainbow Bus Club:

16. Inconsiderate people with too many bags:

17. The pee seat:

18. Whatever this thing is:

19. This guy spending trying to enjoy some alone time:

20. People who bring their own hammocks:

21. People who aren’t as subtle as they think they are:

23. People who should probably wait until they get home:

25. All the balloons:

26. Crocheting enthusiasts:

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