22 Things You'll Only See In Hong Kong

    Welcome to Hong Kong! Mind the feral monkeys and inflatable dog poop.

    1. Streets that need to update their a pop-up blockers.

    2. Bumper stickers for any occasion.

    3. Monkeys having sex at bus stops.

    4. This fierce old man working it on the MTR.

    5. Brother Cream – Hong Kong’s most famous cat.

    6. Some of the most creative custom license plates.

    7. Elderly vibrator enthusiasts...

    8. …selling sex toys next to McDonald’s.

    9. The other side of the globe on Facebook.

    10. Fresh porn.

    11. Dudes who bring their own office chairs onto the train.

    12. The most technologically advanced taxis in the world.

    13. People who don’t understand how umbrellas work. Or train doors.

    14. Literal potheads.

    15. Two young lovers in a tender embrace.

    16. Phubbers. And Phubber-scolding signs.

    17. The Buddha with the bionic arm.

    18. Ah Meow - Hong Kong's premier cat cafe.

    19. Giant, inflatable piles of dog poop.

    20. This man advertising and enjoying baked goods.

    21. People taking typhoons very seriously.

    22. And of course, 7.1 million people all staring at their phones.