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    32 Things You'd Definitely Buy If You Ever Won The Lottery

    Let's all take a few minutes to daydream.

    So you've won the lottery! Congratulations! What are you going to spend the money on?

    1. First things first, there's something you've always wanted to try:

    2. You'd probably start small. You know... Start getting the good stuff.

    3. Think about it. You'll never need to wear the same pair of socks twice.

    Via You'd never need to wear the same pair of socks twice.

    4. You'd obviously get your hands on one of these. (Finally!)

    5. The fancy cars can wait. The first set of wheels you need to get is an authentic Jurassic Park utility Jeep.

    6. You'd need to fund the research to make these a reality, then buy the first one.

    7. Whatever mansion you moved into would need to be fully equipped with these:

    8. Your mansion will also need a secret passage into a secret room. (To keep all the other stuff you'd buy.)

    9. Your new bedroom, obviously.

    10. Or if you want something a little more traditional, you could have a waterslide hidden in the closet.

    The master bedroom will have a waterside hidden in the closet, obviously.

    11. Your kitchen won't be complete without a Meneghini La Cambusa Refrigerator.


    Complete with fridge, freezer, fitted pantry, double pantry, space for coffee maker, ice maker, microwave oven, steam oven and multifunction oven.

    12. Don't forget the automated soda mixer!

    13. And one of these in every bathroom.

    14. Also, a full-body spa shower.

    15. You're definitely going to want a pool table that calculates ball trajectory for your billiards room.

    16. While we're discussing the billiards room, let's take a look at this computerized, ball-tracking, score-keeping Ping-Pong table:

    17. If you're not playing COD on 24 wrap-around flat-screens, you're not playing COD right.

    18. You'll want to buy a lake somewhere, and one of these to put on it:

    19. Actually, skip the lake — you'll want an oceanfront place so you can park your yacht that doubles as a floating island paradise.

    20. Or maybe a yacht that comes with a garage for your luxury speedboat.

    21. Not really the yachting type? Get a luxury RV with a garage compartment for your Porsche!

    22. When you're not in the RV or Porsche, how about a street-legal bumper car to get you around?

    23. Everyone would buy a luxury car. That's boring. You'd really need your own functioning mech suit to stand out.

    24. Honestly, though, you'd probably get tired of the mansion, so you're definitely going to want to build a tree house out back too.

    25. Your pool could be designed to look like a lazy, moving river. Complete with rope swing.

    26. You'd probably need a few of these out back too. For guests.

    27. The Cold War may be over, but it's probably still a good idea to keep a 15,200-square-foot bunker 26 feet underground with simulated night and day cycles.

    28. You're going to need a bar, and what bar is complete without an entire cask of Jack Daniels?

    29. You'll also need a place to chill your beer and kegs, right? Pick up a walk-in kegerator/beer chiller.

    30. Looking for a vacation home in San Francisco? You could buy the actual house from Full House!

    Maybe you could even convince the old cast to hang around to complete the experience.

    31. And if you need a place in NYC, you could spend your fortune recreating the world's greatest bedroom from Hey, Arnold!

    32. And finally...