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    24 Things You Never Need To See On Facebook Ever Again

    There’s this new extension called Rather that keeps you from seeing things you don’t want to see on Facebook, if you’re the type of person who hates the things they see on Facebook. Here are some suggestions for the types of posts you should block. (And probably stop posting altogether.)

    1. Miley Cyrus, and all her haters:

    2. Twerking, especially in or around historic fountains:

    3. Lively discussions on literature:

    4. Someone’s recent pillow purchases, and difficulty with math:

    5. Misplaced nostalgia:

    6. Cheerleaders showing somber appreciation for history:

    7. Badass gangsters (and their moms):

    8. People who post too much about what they’re having for lunch:

    9. Or how their lunch is prepared:

    10. Babies, and the irresponsible parents who raise them:

    11. People out partying, or on their way, at least:

    12. Guessing games, and all the brilliant answers:

    13. Your friends’ amateur photography:

    14. Pictures of peoples’ cars (inside or out):

    15. Photos of your friends’ “girlfriends”:

    16. People who haven’t yet realized that they’re still where they started:

    17. Geniuses like this:

    18. People who think they see Jesus EVERYWHERE:

    19. Overprotective girlfriends:

    20. People who feel the need to take photos of every little thing that happens to them:

    21. People kinda proving their own point:

    22. People who are too excited about their recent engagement:

    23. Your friends’ purchases:

    24. Anyone who sincerely says YOLO: