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24 Things The GOP Debaters Totally Look Like

Jean-Ralphio for president.

1. Ted Cruz looks a LOT like three toddlers sneaking into an R-rated movie...

hi i'm ted cruz, definitely not three toddlers stacked no sir

2. ...and also that one scene from Mrs. Doubtfire where he tries on a bunch of different outfits.

3. But also a lot like Grandpa Munster.

4. Or a middle-age Jean-Ralphio.

Ted Cruz looks like an older, perpetually sad Jean-Ralphio Saperstein

5. Marco Rubio, on the other hand, looks JUST LIKE that dude from That Thing You Do.

I never noticed it until right now but Marco Rubio kind of looks like the lead singer from That Thing You Do

6. And Matt Damon!

#GOPDebate Anyone else thing Rubio looks a little like Damon?

7. Look!

8. Rand Paul does a spot-on Church Lady impression.

OMG #RandPaul and the Church Lady have the same smirk 😏😏😏

9. Or the villainous Fegan Floop.

Rand Paul looks like Fegan Floop (the villain from Spy Kids)

10. Speaking of Spy Kids...

Chris Christie looks like the thumb dudes from spy kids

11. Except for those times he's channeling his inner Jay Jay the Jet Plane.

How come this man Chris Christie looks like Jay Jay Jetplane

12. Jeb Bush looks a little like an adorable bunny...

I still think Jeb Bush looks like a chubby bunny.

13. ...and a LOT like Hank Hill.

Am I the only one that thinks Jeb Bush looks like Hank Hill? πŸ˜‚

14. Scott Walker looks a little bit like if the Blue Fairy made Howdy Doody into a real boy...

@scottwalker looks like an evil Howdy Doody

15. ...and a little bit more like Lord Victor Quartermaine...

Scott Walker looks like a bad guy from Wallace and Gromit

16. ...and even more like Don Flamenco from Punch-Out!!

I finally figured out who Scott Walker looks like!!!!

17. John Kasich looks an awful like that senator from the Marvel movie who ended up being a puppet of Hydra. Just sayin'.

Anyone else think this John Kasich fella looks like the guy from Iron Man?

18. Mike Huckabee and Mr. Tweedy are almost indistinguishable.

Mike Huckabee looks like Mr. Tweedy from Chicken Run #GOPDebate # chickenpies

19. And if he doesn't get elected, he can always find work as a muppet stand-in for Kevin Spacey.

Mike Huckabee looks like a muppet version of Kevin Spacey

20. When Trump wasn't busy doing his best Titanic impression...

21. ...he was busy resembling your drunk uncle...

Donald Trump is Drunk Uncle #GOPDebate

22. ...and White Walkers from beyond the Wall...

23. ...and that weird live-action version of Bowser...

K Donald Trump literally looks like Bowser from that live action mario movie

24. ...and especially that one racist Jeff Dunham puppet.

Donald trump looks like walter from Jeff Dunham show

(Ben Carson didn't look like anyone, because he got no screen time.)

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