32 Things That Will Make You Feel All Warm And Fuzzy Inside

    Get cozy!

    1. A warm, steamy pool on a cold morning.

    2. A relaxing campfire at dusk.

    3. A nighttime shower.

    4. A foggy forest valley at dawn.

    5. Pouring a hot cup of tea.

    6. A waterfront bonfire on the beach.

    7. Watching a snow storm in the dark.

    8. City lights.

    9. A shooting star under the Milky Way.

    10. Watching a light snowfall come down.

    11. A warm cup of coffee in the morning.

    12. A campfire under a cloudy sky.

    13. A quick cup before heading out in the morning.

    14. Stormy waters.

    15. Christmas lights coming on just after dusk.

    16. Engrossed in thought, surrounded by prayer candles.

    17. Sunset at the falls.

    18. Sitting by the fireplace.

    19. The sun bursting through the treetops.

    20. Telling stories around the bonfire.

    21. Fireworks.

    22. Sitting by the Seine in Paris.

    23. A lazy river at sunset.

    24. Falling leaves.

    25. Pancakes cooking on a griddle.

    26. Stepping out of a warm barbershop after getting a haircut.

    27. Making a fresh pot in a french press.

    28. Spending time on the boardwalk with friends.

    29. Preparing a hot meal on a cold evening.

    30. The serenity of a still lake.

    31. A rainy day.

    32. Snow in the hills.