19 Things That Will Drive You Crazy If You’re A Nerd

Nothing gets by a nerd. If you’re a true geek, this post will make you cringe.

1. People who call Wario “Green Mario”:

2. People calling Red Luigi “Zelda”:

3. People who try to play NES games on an N64:

4. People who think Metroid is a girl:

5. People who think Obi Wan Kenobi piloted a starship:

6. People who think Bilbo Baggins is from Harry Potter:

7. People who misquote Yoda:

8. People who think the Millennium Falcon is the Starprise Entership:

9. People Who Think Superman was in the Avengers:

10. People who think Transformers are real:

11. People who think that Neil Armstrong had his Tour De France victories taken away:

12. Someone claiming that this is Doctor Who. Doctor Who is played by Matt Smith.

13. People who think that Frodo Baggins is Dobby:

14. Someone claiming that Gandalf is from Stargate:

15. Someone saying that Spac is from Star Wars, not Star Trek:

16. Michael Bay not realizing that the ninja turtles were ALWAYS aliens:

17. People who think Christmas exists in the Star Wars universe:

18. People who try to use microphones while playing the Wii:

19. People who think Zelda is a grill:

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