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24 Ways The World Is Trying To Bum You Out

*long sigh* –everyone.

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1. Plants that remind you that life is short and meaningless.

2. Vending machines that make us consider our own self-worth.

3. Realtors who can spin anything into a positive.

4. Love given freely, and thrown away carelessly.

5. This sign that truly reflects how we all did in P.E. today.

6. Messages from soda cups that fill you with dread.

7. Magazines that deliver vague threats.

8. Greeting cards that remind us that life is pain.

9. Childhood games that make you question everything.

10. Forgotten tasks that show what we're truly passionate about.

11. Future memorials to significant events that haven't happened yet.

12. Obituary sections that remind you that death is always coming.

13. Kids who can't connect with the world around them.

14. Emails from dating sites with misleading subject lines.

15. Or worse yet, "Dear John" emails from dating sites.

16. Inspiration sections that lack inspiration.

17. Far-away factory workers who just want a little sympathy.

18. Text messages that remind us that we're not as close to our loved ones as we want to be.

19. Grandma and grandpa getting themselves a new car for your birthday.

20. Donation bins that look a little too much like trash bins.

21. Decals depicting divorce as the BEST CASE scenario for whatever happened here.

22. Long, lonely walks down this aisle at Target.

23. Isabella's message to those who came before.

24. And of course, the time we sent a rover to the Moon and it live-blogged it's own cold, lonely death.

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