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    26 Embarrassing Photos We All Took In The 2000s

    Mistakes were made.

    1. The album cover from that time we tried to form an all-female Christian punk band:

    2. The time we dressed up by wearing a clip on tie over T-shirt:

    3. The time we dyed our hair with Kool-Aid:

    4. The time we wore too much eyeliner:

    5. The time we decided we were "scene":

    6. The time we grew out little dreads:

    7. That phase when we went goth:

    8. And wore spiked chokers:

    9. The time we paired our popped collar with our faux hawk:

    10. All those selfies we took in our bathrooms:

    11. The time we photoshopped the perfect DeviantArt profile:

    12. The time we used Kanye lyrics for our senior quotes:

    13. The professional portraits we had taken with our Pokémon cards:

    14. All those pictures we took wearing those ball chain necklaces:

    15. Those edgy MySpace pictures:

    16. Those times we wore “Invader Zim” hats that covered our eyes:

    17. The time we decided we were jugglos:

    18. The time we spent 20 minutes doing this to our hair:

    19. The time we went to Mexico and got little braids:

    20. The time we wore shutter shades:

    21. All those profile pictures we enhanced using MS Paint:

    22. All those Bar Mitzvah photos we took with our fingers on our chins:

    23. The time we swept our bangs over our eyes:

    24. All those pictures we took on our flip phones:

    25. The time we wrote on our knuckles:

    26. And of course, the time we all said we were communist:

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