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The 32 Smartest People On YouTube

The comment sections on YouTube videos aren't known for their intelligent discourse, unless you consider extreme racism and homophobia intelligent discourse. But every now and then, a real gem will shine through.

1. This guy who recognizes his limitations:

2. This Pitbull fan:

3. This guy trying his best not to sound racist:

4. The person who sees through BieberGurl's facade:

5. This enterprising young man:

6. This mustache-symmetry expert:

7. This insanely talented cat who meow meow meow:

8. This onion sympathizer:

9. This land shark protector:

10. This jealous pedophile:

11. This Battleship master:

12. This mathematician:

13. This guy who got lost somewhere along the way:

14. This theoretical physicist:

15. This guy who can take on any girlfriend:

16. This totally logical baker's assistant:

17. This bottle hunter:

18. This nervous orange eater:

19. This expert thumb spotter:

20. This skeptical giant hunter:

21. This man who is confused about his sexuality:

22. This guy who narrowly avoided disaster:

23. This guy with deep shame issues:

24. This '90s rap/physics enthusiast:

25. This hopeful dad:

26. These two types of YouTube commenters:

27. This appreciator of nature's majesty:

28. This guy who understands how human hair growth works:

29. This guy who doesn't understand the appeal of a really great weather update:

30. This fan of Chris Cornell's penis:

31. This guy who should be a script supervisor at Disney:

32. This dog expert:

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