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The 30 Most Important Dogs Of 2011

There is a popular maxim among some of my associates which states that "cats rule" and that dogs, in their near infinite capacity for love and loyalty, "drool". I think you'll find that in 2011, that couldn't be further from the truth.

30. Hipster Dog

One of several big dog memes that found their footing in 2011, hipster dog played off of three of the Internet's favorite things: puns, puppies, and bashing hipsters.

29. The Big Dog That Got Trapped In A Bathtub

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There's just something about bathtubs that dogs can't wrap their minds around. File that away for a time when they attempt to take over the Earth.

28. Ryan Gosling's Dog, George

Aside from belonging to Ryan Gosling, a favorite of one BuzzFeed editor in particular, George also sports a pretty wicked full-body mohawk.

27. The Dog That Stood By His Injured Friend While Waiting For Rescue

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An incredible dog out of Japan, this pup stood by the side of his injured friend awaiting rescue after a tsunami destroyed most of the town they lived in.

26. These Dogs Dressed Like Ewoks

Brussels Griffons are known for their resemblance to various characters from the Star Wars films, but these two little ewoks really took things to a whole new level.

25. Insanity Puppy

An offshoot of the popular Insanity Wolf meme, Insanity puppy walked the fine line between adorable and terrifying.

24. Me Gusta Dog

Me Gusta dog LOVES popsicles. Who doesn't?

23. This Dog Dressed Like A Beauty Pageant Star

BuzzFeed editor Matt Stopera attended the annual Tompkins Square Dog Parade dressed as an obsessive pageant mom, with his dog Benny dressed as a pageant contestant. Benny went as Antoine Dogson in 2010.

22. This Dog That Wouldn't Leave His Owner Behind

When Cristina Maria Cesario Santana died in a landslide in Brazil last January, her loyal dog Leao spent days laying next to her grave.

21. The Dog Dressed As An AT-AT Walker

Plenty of people have dressed their dogs in Star Wars costumes, but this little guy dressed as an AT-AT Walker from Empire really nailed it.

20. These Surfing Dogs

Did you know that there is was a Surfing Dog Competition in 2011? Did you know five dogs tried to break the world record for most dogs on a surf board at once, but failed because all five dogs couldn't stay on the board for the required 10 seconds? You do now.

19. The Dog That Crawled Home After A Tornado On Two Broken Legs

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After a tornado carried Mason away from his home in Smithfield, Alabama, he spent over two weeks crawling back to his home on two broken legs. Because his breaks did not heal properly, he now walks with a severe limp, but his owners are just glad he survived.

18. The Dog That Babysits Other Dogs

Spotted in Hong Kong, this dog keeps tabs on all his buddies while their owner goes shopping. It's clear that it won't be long before dogs have absolutely no need for us.

17. The Dog That Welcomes His Dog Mom Home From War

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Molly is so happy to see her mommy! Be right back, there's something in my eye.

16. This Puppy That Brought A Grown Man (With A Face Tattoo) To Tears

This clip is less about the puppy than it is the grown man that is afraid of him, but it was still an important moment for dogs.

15. These Two Dogs That Got Into An Argument

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What happens when you take a video of two dogs barking and howling back and forth and add subtitles? Internet gold.

14. The Dog That Doesn't Understand Gravity

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Much like Sisyphus, this dog 's eternal struggle with the forces of gravity will serve as a parable for all dogkind.

13. The French Bulldog That Wanted Out Of The Bathtub

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There is noting more torturous to a puppy than spending a night being potty trained in a bathtub. Luckily, puppies express their displeasure with the cutest, tiniest little barks you've ever heard.

12. This Dog Visiting His Owner While She Was In Containment

This little guy went and visited his owner while she was sealed in containment after the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis in Japan in March. Just one of several stunning shows of loyalty from man's best friend in 2011.

11. The Dog That Gets Out Of Fights By Faking Its Own Death

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For those of you who don't get into many scuffles, his is a really great strategy. Faking my own death has gotten me and my friends out of a lot of drunken bar fights.

10. This Obscenely Cute Pomeranian

Show me ANY cat that is as cute as this adorable little Pomeranian. In fact, show me ANYTHING more adorable that this little Pomeranian.

9. The Dog That Stole A Sled And Made His Getaway On It

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This little scamp decided his owner was having a little too much without him, so he took control of the situation, and straight sled-jacked the dude. Consider this a shot across the bow from the future dominant species of the planet.

8. The Dog That Was Bad At Humping

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Keep at it little buddy. You'll get the hang of it eventually.



6. The Deformed Puppy That Was Rescued From The Garbage And Learned To Walk

Harper was born with a condition that prevented him from walking normally, and was thrown in the garbage. Luckily, he was rescued by a woman named Erica Daniel and nursed back to health.

5. This Pug In Pug Slippers

It's too bad Inception jokes have gone out of style, because this is the perfect opportunity. Eh, I'll do it anyways...


4. The Dog That Is Terrified Of Julia Roberts

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Can you blame him? Look at the size of that woman's mouth.

3. The Dog That Refused To Leave His Dead Owner

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When Navy Seal Jon Tumilson was killed in Afghanistan in August, his dog Hawkeye stayed by his side until the very end during his funeral in Rockford, Iowa.

2. The Dog That Tried To Get A Statue To Play Fetch

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Forever alone.

1. These Running Basset Hounds

These two floppy-faced basset hounds spearheaded one of BuzzFeed's most viral posts of the year, climbing to over a million views over night.

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